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The PR Machine Works story.

In 1964, while working at General Motors, Gene “Pat” Romanchuk started PR Machine Works in his garage in Mansfield, Ohio. His skills as a tool and die maker provided the knowledge, while his entrepreneurial instincts supplied the drive for the fledgling company. In 1973, PR Machine Works moved out of the garage and into its own building in Mansfield. Innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction were among the guiding principles in these early years.
pr machine works building
The PR Machine Works Facility

We'll show you the future of precision contract manufacturing.

Mark Romanchuk joined PR Machine Works in 1993, bringing with him an MBA and nine years of experience in engineering and business management. At this time the company shifted from military to commercial work and began a decade of expansion and growth that has placed PR Machine Works on the list of “Fastest Growing Ohio Companies” several times in recent years. Mark and his team of professionals and craftsmen are proud of their accomplishments. But, this is only the beginning…
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machined part
machined part
machined part
machined part
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machined part
Today, PR Machine Works is a full-service precision manufacturing and fabrication facility with 86,000 square feet of floor space, 5-ton and 10-ton overhead cranes, state-of-the-art equipment, and room for future expansion. “Our competitive drive has led us to pioneer new manufacturing processes and tooling applications in our ongoing effort to increase value for our customers,” says Mark Romanchuk, CEO. “PR Machine Works is ‘breaking the mold’ for contract manufacturing by providing a world-class standard of excellence right here in north central Ohio.” This company-wide maxim is backed up on the shop floor where you will find leading-edge technology: high-tech 7-axis, multi-spindle turning, fully-automated manufacturing cells, advanced assembly and testing, and a huge array of modern CNC machine tools capable of running one-piece prototypes to high-volume production.
PR Machine Works has recently added 46,000 square feet of manufacturing space for our fabrication, welding, assembly, and inventory operations. We are committed to managed growth in order to meet the growing demand for our products and services; and to continue to provide the best possible value, quality, and service for our customers.  With 60 years of knowledge and experience behind us, PR Machine Works offers you the latest in manufacturing technology combined with a team of professionals and craftsmen committed to delivering total quality, unbeatable customer service, and outstanding value every time.
We invite you to tour our world-class, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility in Mansfield, Ohio, and experience the PR difference for yourself. Contact us today, and let Team PR show you the future of precision contract manufacturing.
hydraulic hand pumps

Assembly & Testing.

Hydraulic Hand Pumps assembled by Team PR can be the primary or backup power system for actuators requiring hydraulic operations. These balanced ram design manual hydraulic pumps are assembled in two sizes providing 4 and 12 cubic-inch displacement of fluid.  The pump incorporates the latest safety features available for use in air-over-oil hydraulic systems. Self-neutralization and anti-cavitation features are just a few of the engineered improvements offered in these designs. Every pump undergoes hydrostatic and functional testing prior to delivery. There are 75 components in each Hydraulic Hand Pump Assembly.

The robust control valve assembled by Team PR is the heart of control panels manufactured for use in thousands of natural gas and oil production and transportation applications and mining operations worldwide.  Versatile by design, this double three-way control valve, with integrated filtration, directs pneumatic or hydraulic pressure for precise manual or remote control of valve actuators. Each unit undergoes hydrostatic and functional testing in preparation for delivery on demand. The Control Valve Assembly contains 36 component pieces.

As a part of our ongoing drive to improve and augment the value stream in our assembly and testing department, PR Machine Works has installed a custom-designed flow bench for hydraulic and pneumatic testing. Our new flow bench offers fast and reliable hydrostatic testing up to 2,500 psi, performance, and leak testing to 2,500 psi for hydraulic and 600 psi for pneumatic, and precise rate-of-flow measurements for a variety of applications.
flow bench
Custom Designed Flow Bench for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Testing

cnc milling

What's new at PR Machine Works.

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Two New Horizontal Machining Centers

December 2020

PR Machine Works has purchased two new Horizontal Machining Centers.  Our new Doosan NHP-4000 and Doosan NHP-8000 HMCs significantly increase the throughput volume in our CNC Milling Department, while increasing our milling size capacity to 55" x 47" x 54" xyz.  These two new workhorse machines can handle the toughest materials while holding dimensional tolerances as close as ±.0002" and GD&T or true position of .003".

With 25 modern CNC machines, PR Machine Works can handle your most demanding requirements with superior quality and reliable, on-time deliveries.  We are committed to providing our customers with the latest in precision machining technology, managed by some of the most talented manufacturing professionals in the business.  Contact us today and learn more about the cutting-edge precision manufacturing environment at PR Machine Works.

cnc milling

PR works with a variety of materials including Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Plastics, and more.

Aluminum Alloys

2011 • 2017 • 2024 • 2219 • 5052 • 6061 • 6063 • 6262 • 7050 • 7075 • K100 & More

Carbon Steel

1018 • 1025 • 1040 • 1045 • 1112 • 1117 • 1144 • 1215 • 12L14 Ledloy & More

Tubing & Pipe

Steel, Alloy, Stainless & Aluminum Mechanical Tubing • Seamless, DOM & Welded Tubing

Aircraft Alloys

4130 • 4140 • 4140/4150 Pre Heat Treated • 4330 • 4340 • 4620 • 52100 • 8620 • 8740 • 9310 • 300M • H-11 • Hy-Tuff • Nitriding & More

Stainless Steel

13-8MO • 15-5PH • 17-4PH • 300/400 Series • 2205 Duplex • Nitronic 40/50/60 • AM-355 & More

Super Alloys

A-286 • AM350/355 • Haynes • Hy Mu • Incoloy • Inconel 625 & 718 • K-Monel • Nitroloy • Hastelloy • Maraging • Monel • Nickel • Waspaloy & More


6Al-4V • 6Al-6V-2Sn • 6Al-7Nb • 8Al-1Mo-1V • 10Al-2V-3Sn • CP 1, 2, 3 & 4 • Ti-1100 & More

Brass & Bronze

200/300 Series Brass • 400/500 Series Bronze • C630 • C624 • C642 • Ampco • Silicon & Manganese Bronze • Naval-Bronze C464 • C954 Aluminum Bronze & More

Tool Steels

A-2 • D-2 • H13 • DC-53 • O-1 • S-7 • T-15 • M-2 & More


Acrylic • Delrin® • Lexan® • Polycarbonate • Polyethylene/UHMW • PEEK® • Nylon • Teflon® • Vespel® • Ultem® & More


Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Plate • Structural Shapes • Sheet & More


A-36 Plate • 1018 • 4140 • Aluminum • Stainless Steel • Cast Iron & More


Ductile & Gray Iron • A356 Aluminum • C922/C844 Brass & More


1035/1045/1141 Microalloy Steel • Aluminum • 377 Brass • 642 Aluminum Bronze & More

Our cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a team of professionals and highly-skilled craftsmen deliver total quality, unbeatable service, and outstanding value.

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