World-Class Operations in Mansfield

When you think about it… the term “world class” sounds great as a buzzword. Do you ever wonder what it really means?

World-class at PR Machine Works means a company that is not satisfied with the status quo. It describes a company-wide philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of our operations, large and small. World-class at PR Machine Works is most evident in our new multi-million dollar facility, including our substantial and ongoing investment in the latest manufacturing technology available. World-class is "Team PR", our professional management team and our trained and motivated workforce working as one to deliver unmatched quality and service to our customers. When you think about it…world-class is really old-fashioned American ingenuity and hard work. Tour our facility in Mansfield and let us show you the PR Machine Works world-class advantage.

Technologically Advanced Machining

In 1977, PR Machine Works purchased the very first CNC machine tool in north central Ohio. Today, PR Machine Works operates a technologically advanced, 86,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and offers a wide range of capabilities including: low- to high-volume production machining, prototypes, precision fabrication and welding, as well as design and managed inventory services. Tour the PR Machine Works facility in Mansfield and you will find: 7-axis, twin-spindle CNC lathes; fully-automated CNC manufacturing cells; 4-axis CNC milling; turning capacities up to 49”(1245mm); and milling capacities up to 60”(1525mm). “Investment in the latest machining technology is essential in order to remain competitive,” explains Mark Romanchuk, president. “Our customers rely on Team PR to be at the cutting-edge, and we deliver.” We invite you to experience world-class manufacturing technology at PR Machine Works. Contact us today.

Fabrication and Welding at PR Machine Works

Among the growing list of manufacturing services available at PR Machine Works is our recently expanded Fabrication and Welding department. We can handle your simple to complex fabrication projects with lifting capacity to 20,000 lbs and 16’ 6” under the hook. We offer in-house plasma cutting, punching, forming, shearing and machining; along with AWS-certified MIG, TIG and stick welding for virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous material. We have completed projects for a variety of applications including: structural, mechanical, architectural, tanks, chambers, pressure vessels, racks/skids, material handling, road construction, and heavy equipment.

Team PR has decades of combined experience in fabrication and welding for dozens of industrial applications from coast to coast. You’ll get no surprises with the PR Machine Works fabrication team, only quality products built to your specifications and delivered on time, every time.

Assembly and Testing Services

We have expanded our value-added services at PR Machine Works to include assembly and hydraulic/pneumatic testing. Our full-scope service includes component procurement and inventory management, assembly by skilled technicians using detailed work instructions, inspection points to ensure quality workmanship and complete conformance to drawing and contract requirements, and full inventory services to support kan-ban and just-in-time shipments. An integral part of our assembly service is our new, custom-designed flow bench providing fast and reliable hydrostatic, performance, leak and rate-of-flow testing for pneumatic and hydraulic applications up to 2,500 psi. These combined assembly and testing services are designed to save you time and money, while offering you the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Team PR.

When you’re looking to reduce your inventory and labor costs for assemblies, look no further than PR Machine Works. We’re a proven leader in precision machining and assembly services with the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to deliver top quality assemblies on time at affordable prices.

Over Fifty Years of Knowledge and Experience

Since 1964, PR Machine Works has been manufacturing precision machined components and assemblies for a wide variety of industries and applications. The experience gained from five decades of hands-on manufacturing provides an invaluable advantage for Team PR as we move into a new era of automation and cost-effective production methods. “I believe that a good portion of our ability to innovate and respond quickly to manufacturing challenges comes from our experience gained during the last fifty years,” explains Mark Romanchuk, president.

Indeed, PR’s customers benefit every day with efficient pricing, fast and reliable delivery, and an uncompromising dedication to quality. “And most important,” says Mark, “you don’t stay in business for more than fifty years without a strong commitment to the success of your customers.” When it comes to hands-on manufacturing knowledge, Team PR is hard to beat. Give us the opportunity, and we’ll prove it to you.

A New Definition of Customer Service…

The old trilogy of “Price, Delivery & Quality” is no longer an option for today’s manufacturing companies. It is a requirement. At PR Machine Works, customer service defines a close working partnership with our customers at every level. “We are frequently involved in the design phase of a project,” explains Mark Romanchuk, president, “using our expertise to help design ‘manufacturability’ into components and assemblies, substantially reducing cost over the long-run.” For the production phase, PR Machine Works offers 86,000 square feet and one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing environments in the business. Our inventory management services include Dock-to-Stock, Kanban, and Just-in-Time shipping options. Combine this with a world-class team of professionals and craftsmen focused on quality and reliability, and you’ll experience a whole new level of customer service with Team PR.

No Bosses at PR Machine Works…

“At PR Machine Works there are no bosses,” explains Mark Romanchuk, president. “Our customers are the boss.” This philosophy may sound a little unusual, but this team approach to manufacturing has been an integral part of our overall success during the past several years. “Our average employee’s tenure is measured in years, not months,” says John Allen, production manager. “This fact speaks louder than words about the integrity and quality of our people, we call them Team PR.” Indeed, you will find some of the finest, most talented craftsmen in the industry right here in Mansfield. A large part of our ability to attract and retain this level of talent is due to our world-class facility and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Team PR offers you the winning combination of knowledge and experience in a first-class production environment. We invite you to tour our facility, meet our team, and learn more about the PR Machine Works advantage. Contact us today and put Team PR to work for you.

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